The services offered by Nga Kakano Foundation are listed and described below in alphabetical order.

Service List

If you have a mental health problem there is nothing to be ashamed of. In New Zealand 36% of the population will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Those most common forms of mental illness include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  Public attitudes towards those suffering with a mental illness is slowly beginning to change as people begin to realize having a mental health problem is like any other physical illness with the vast majority of sufferers (98%) of no threat to the community.

Alcohol and Drug Intensive Outpatients

A service focused on providing support and advocacy to Tamariki, Rangatahi and their Whanau.  Assessment and addiction counseling are also available and referral to Inpatient Residential Facilities and Intensive Outpatient Programs are also possible.


For more information contact the AOD Team phone 07 573 0660.

Alcohol and Drug for Tamariki and Rangatahi

Our Community Asthma Nurse can visit you in your home or at a location you feel comfortable.  We provide advice and/or support toward the management and control of your asthma condition. Specific services include:

                 Home, school or clinic assessment                                      Referral to GP and other Support Specialists

                 Symptom diary and peak flow management                     Follow up home visits and support

                 Asthma Education & Action Plan                                          Evaluation and follow up home visit

                 Reassessment of medication                                                Group Education

Asthma Service

This service aims to support smokers wanting to kick the habit.

From reducing the amount of tobacco consumed to establishing a target quit date, our trained staff are able to offer a range of therapy options tailored to your specific requirements.


For more information or to join the program contact (07) 573 0660 and ask to speak to the Aukati Team.


Aukati Kaipaipa Smoking Cessation

This a program focused service targeting youth and adults experiencing mild to moderate levels of depression, anxiety, social exclusion/self exclusion and suicidal ideologies.

Programs incorporate Kaupapa Maori (Te Whare Tapa Wha), Clinical input, Cognitive Therapy input, social inter-action, and client lead activity based electives as well as achieving and maintaining self care principals.


For more information contact (07) 573 0660.

Early Intervention Program—Mental Health

This program aims to support and encourage the elderly (koroua & kuia) to maintain active and meaningful lives in our community. Activities include;


Weekly social program                                                            Mirimiri

Health Education                                                                       Home help services

Guest Speakers                                                                         Field trips of Interest


Koroua Kuia Program

Our friendly team of doctors and nurses provide a full range of General Practice services.

Enquire today and ask how we could help you with your health care or just check out our affordable enrolled patient charges.


NKF Family Health Services General  Practice

If you are diabetic or have a family history of diabetes then this is a program for you.

The program runs monthly sessions for 12 months with a focus on understanding diabetes and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


For more information or to find out whether there is a program near you please contact our Diabetes Coordinator at (07) 573 0660

Nga Mahi Ora A Rehia—Diabetes Program

Helping parents and caregivers ensure their children are provided with the best start in life;

Through information sharing, advice, well child checks, liaison with GP, home visits, baby car seats, referral to dental therapist, education and immunizations.


For more information (07) 573 0660 and ask for our Tamariki Ora Nurse.

Tamariki Ora Well Child

Health promotion and health education programs to whanau groups, schools private groups and the community with a focus on:

                 Asthma                                                       Diabetes                                                     Elderly mobility                                        Mirimiri                                                       Rangatahi Issues                                    Accident prevention

                 Immunization                                            Women’s wellness                                 Smoking Cessation

                 Alcohol & Drug Free lifestyle                                                

Whanau Ora